60Hp to 90Hp Upgrade
Simple power upgrade for you 60HP Spark to Enable the Sport 90Hp Option using the MPI-2/3 Interface and Megatech licence key

Instructions HERE
   Performance Reflash
Upgrade your Spark to Stage 1 110Hp/ Stage 2 115Hp or Stage 3 120Hp using just our DIUS Software and your MPI-2/3 interface!!

2014-16: SPARK 60/90 TUNE Stage I for Stock:
8350 RPM, 87KM/H, 110HP Sport 

2014-16: SPARK 60/90 TUNE Stage II for Stock:
8900 RPM, 92KM/H, 115HP Sport 

2017: SPARK 900HO Tune Stage 3 8700 RPM 120HP 92KM/H  Solas 12/13 twin, Worx Intake

 With this system you DO NOT need to buy any additional hardware like V-tech reflasher system , if you have an MPI-2/3 interface you can do this easily with our DIUS software!!

How to Flash with MPI-2

Seadoo Flash List 2017

DIUS 3.0 reflasher

DIUS Flasher software is primarily intended for Powersports repair workshops.

DIUS Flasher allows you to either restore or replace the standard flash firmware or performance tuning flash in all 4-TEC and E-TEC BRP vehicles
(SeaDoo, Can Am, SkiDoo).

DIUS Flasher  does not offer the ability to change the flash file 

(fuel maps, fuel pressure, RPM range, etc.).

The program works in Windows XP SP3 and in Windows 7 with the MPI-2 or 3 Interface , you can restore or replace the firmware in the models of ECU such as:

Siemens VDO MSE 3.7 R/xx (manufactured 2004-2012)

BOSCH Motronic ME17.8.5..