Yamaha Diagnostic kits
    YDS & YDS2 systems overview

YDS Pro kit
 Our YDS Pro kit uses V1.33 software and will work fine on any Yamaha Waverunner or Outboard to year 2011 , YDS 1.33 is the software version your yamaha dealer was using upto 2011 and will carry out all Diagnostic , monitoring and fault code checking available on these motors.
The OEM YDS adapter is a very old unit first introduced back 2002 , it was becoming increasingly difficult to get this unit to communicate with late versions of windows software and the last version officially supported was Vista!!
Our YDS Pro kit uses a modern interface that is fully compatable with all late Windows versions upto and including Win 10

YDS2 kit
This kit is required on all
Waverunner or Outboard motors 2012 and on.
this is a much more advanced system than Old YDS having both CAN + K-Line communication protocols as well as data recording and the ability to operate  aftermarket sensors if required