Suzuki SDS Outboard Kit

   Workshop quality Suzuki interface with professional molded connectors and with very latest Suzuki V8.3 software for 2018!
 we now have 2 options for kits:
2008 to current models $135
all models inc pre 2008 $165
early models need the large round adapter cable as shown in the image,
this is not required for all 2008 on models

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SDS communicates between a PC and the ECM (Engine Control Module) or BCM (Boat Control Module) of the outboard motor via the diagnostic harness and USB adapter to provide the following information through ECM and BCM storage data and sensor data:
􀂛 Engine information display
􀂛 Current service (self-diagnostic) codes
􀂛 Service data display and save
􀂛 Actuator test
􀂛 BCM simulator
􀂛 Data logger save and graph printing
􀂛 SPC system calibration
􀂛 SPC system
􀂛 BCM service data display and save
􀂛 SPC system check

Read the SDS Operation Manual HERE
     Download an example of SDS engine data please click HERE