I have read on forums its is illegal to have BUDS Diagnostics

The first lesson here is not to listen to idiots on forums!!!!!!!!!!
all this started with the  the MPI (Multi Protocol Interface) in 2000 that  was LEASED to the dealers and NOT sold to them , , this whole "illegal' thing stems from individuals "obtaining” MPI units , they must have been stolen or purchased from a dealer who was not supposed to sell them , they are still the property of BRP as they were LEASED to the dealer!!!, even if you get hold of an MPI-1 it is useless unless you get our keys to unlock it!!
Our MPI-2 units are Commercially available units and ARE NOT the property if BRP in any way

How do we update the system
for purchasers of our systems we provide the very latest BUDS software available , if any new versions are released by BRP we usually have them available to you for direct download from out site within a week 
Each new version of BUDS contains the very latest updates for each new model as applicable 

What are these "Keys" or access codes that we need??
 Keys/codes are required to "unlock' the BUDS program , BRP requires that dealers unlock their diagnostic system every year , this is done deliberatly by BRP to control the dealer and is supposedly to make the system obsolete should it fall into the "wrong hands”. BRP also control the dealer by only giving "Licence keys' wich unlock the part of the program that relates to the product they are allowed to sell/service , for example a Seadoo dealer cannot service a Can Am ATV, his system will not communicate with it!!
We can supply Keys for ALL BRP products!!! , we can supply individual dealer keys depending on what you need to work on or an "All Products” package , these keys give you Exactly the same diagnostic & fault finding ability as the dealer!!

we can also supply the Advanced  'megatech key' option!!!
Here is an example of keys:
4D12-F3F6-A08F-E1A0-7261   SeaDoo Key
9403-3ABF-A414-5432-865E   Can Am Key 
0F0E-38DE-5D5C-31D2-04F1  SkiDoo Key 
3A14-83DD-F871-B3EE-18B1  Sport boat key 
6053-159F-E334-48F1-354B   Spyder Key 

Megateh key

what is Megatech key
Megatech key is an advanced key wich opens up many features not available to the ordinary dealer!! , changing VIN numbers , disabling DESS theft systems and advanced diagnostics are just some of the things megatech opens that they don't want the ordinary dealer messing with!! megatech will also allow timing curve and rev limiter changes on some 2 stroke models

 Megatech WILL NOT change fuel or timing maps on 4 tec applications nor will it change total run hours on any product.

Please see our webpage on the megatech licence key and its features , we also have some interesting screen shots on there and even some of you BRP dealers could learn something here!!! 

A 3.7.0