SSV KIT - High Output 172HP Upgrade Kit X3
  we now have the file

It is mandatory to install the upgraded file before starting the engine, serious engine damage will occur and warranties will then be voided.
This section will cover the procedure to update the vehicle's engine parameters once ALL performance modifications have been done.
1. Open the computer on which BUDS2 is installed. Do NOT open BUDS2 yet.
2. Find the file ''edb-dump_[...].zip'' in the folder ''C:Program Files (x86)BRPBUDS2''.
3. Grab and drag the file ''edb-dump_[...].zip'' onto the desktop. No copies of the file shall remain inside the folder.
4. Go to the B.U.D.S. Directory and download the following file: ""
5. Move "" to ''C:Program Files (x86)BRPBUDS2''.
6. Connect the vehicle to BUDS2.
7. In BUDS2, go to:
- FLASH page
- ECM button.
8. Flash the Engine Control Module (ECM) with the available file for this SSV ECM.
9. Once the operation is completed, close BUDS2.
10. DELETE the file "" in the directory aforementioned.
11. Grab and drag the file ''edb-dump_[...].zip'' from the desktop, back into ''C:Program Files (x86)BRPBUDS2''

Upgrade kit instructions , Download Here