BRP/BUDS Licence keys

          We can supply Licence Keys
     for ALL MPI-2 & MPI-3 Interfaces

We are more than happy to help BRP dealers who need to work on products BRP wont let them or EX BRP dealers who have lost their dealership and still have their MPI-2 or
MPI-3 interface.

e can supply individual dealer keys for Seadoo , Skidoo, ATV , SSV/Commander or Spyder as required , We can also supply a "CanAm" package for ATV/SSV/Spyder or an  "All Products” package covering all models listed or the advanced Megatech licence key upgrade not available to BRP Dealers!!!!!
To generate Licence keys we need the serial number from your MPI-2/3 interface  and confirmation of the BUDS Software you are using , if required we can also supply all latest BUDS software to upgrade your system to the latest specs, We have available to our clients the very latest BUDS software versions to cover all models including the latest 2017 models:

BUDS E3.8.2 all products MY16/17 version